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  • Person's wellness
  • enviromental and social wellbeing

Ben Essere della Persona

When you talk about cheese you can find easy a lot of information about the fact that its consumtion might be good or bad for healt.
A diet is correct and equilibrate when are followed some suggestions and rules in ters of quantity, quality and variety of foods.
Energetic daily intake must be conform to caloric consumption and all nutritional elements must be present in diet, becuase they are foundamental for human healt.
Unfortunately it doesn't exist (except mother's milk)a complet food, that answer to all the nutritional requirements. Therefor, the easier way to introduce all the nutritional substances is to vary foods and link them in the correct way.
in particular, vary foods permitt:

  • to avoid nutritional and metabolick lack
  • to break monotonous meals and to sodisfact the taste
  • to decrease risck of some kind of cancer
  • to avoid multi-vitaminics, minerals and food supplements ( except in case of needs, if underlined by doctor)

Cheese, such as all aliments, must be consumed correctly, without exaggeration. Fresh and ripened cheeses do good for health becouse they are rich in precious elements, such as Calcium, Phosphore and hight biologic lavue proteins, Vitamin A and B ( b2 riboflavin an B12). For exemple, Vitamin B12 is very important for skin mucose membrane protection.
According to Nutrition Institute, diary products commercialised in West Europe provide for 20 & to 50 % in total proteins, for 60 % in calcium, for 30 % in Vitamin Aand 50 & in vitamin B.
They supply a considerable caloric intake too, for example:

(Chemical and energetic value for 100 g of products)
 CHEESE  Kcal  KJ  Protein  Carbohydrates  Fats  calcium  Phosphore
 Parmigiano Reggiano  374  1552  36,6 g  <1 g  25,6 g  1340 mg   800 mg
 Grana Padano  381  1581  35,5 g  <1 g  25,0 g  1290 mg   702 mg
 Asiago  378  1568  33,0 g  <1 g  27,0 g   924 mg   560 mg
 Pecorino Romano  366  1518  28,5 g  <1 g  28,0 g  1160 mg   675 mg
 Ricotta Fresca  189  784   9,5 g  <1 g  15,0 g   274 mg   270 mg
 Ricotta Salata  285  1186  14,3 g  7g  25,0 g  1100 mg  1100 mg

Their nutritional values are essential, in particulary for calcium requirements, mineral contained copiousness in cheeses that is foundamental to increse and mantein our body. Cheeses are also a fresh and practical plate, fast to eat ,but also tasty.
In ordet not to give up nutritional and tasting properties , it shoul used a common sense: don't exagerate in frequency and consume it in modarate way. In a proper diet plan, are reccomanded 2 portions per weeks,alternate with meat, fish, eggs, legumes, and little daily quantity of cheese.

Fats supplies 9 calories per gramm, and they can be seen, such as in hams, meats and othe diary products.
They are present in food in different percentual,from 1 % in fruits and vegetables to 85-100 % in butter, margarine and oil.
Saturated and unsaturated fats
this suddivision depends on their chemical composition:

  • Saturated fats: they're solid( for exemple butter) and they usually come from animal fat, because they are locates in meats, hams, seafoods, cream and lard. Attention: palm's and coconut oil cointai saturated fats too.
  • Unsaturated fats: they're liquid( for exemple oextra virgin olive oil), and they usually come from vegetals, and they're located in margarine, seed oil, corn oil. Fish, nuts, olive are rich of this fats too.

unsaturated fats are divided in :

  • Mono-unsaturated, that is contained in olive oil, permitts- introduced in resonable quantity- to decrease "bad cholesterol" that ostructs artery, and support "good cholesterol".
  • Poli-unsaturated, such as Omega-6, good in elimination of "bad cholesterol", or Omega-3, contained in fish, that decrease triglycerid in blood and prevent from trombosis.

Principal functions :

  • Energetic Function: it's our principal energetic source, even in relax state, becausa they cointain dubble energy than proteins and carbohydrates
  • Energetic reserve: fas reserves might be illimitated in our body, differently from proteins, that can't be immaganized , and charboidrates, wich supply are limitated.
  • Structural function: they're compoments of hydro lipidic cell membrane, substances that are present in skin and myelin. In Baby, lack in essencial fatty acid could alterate nersous and visual sistem.
  • Protectve function:
    1. the presence of a little quantity of lipids around vital organs, protects them fron traumas, and permit them to stay in position.
    2. Fast in body is a termic insulator( brown adipose fat), and it might be burnt in producing heat, to mantein the normal body temperature.
    3. omega- 6 and Omega-3 fat acids are usefull tu prevent from cardio--vasscular diseases and cancer.

daily intake

Daily intake of fats is around 20-25 % ( in sedentary people) and 35 % ( in sportive people) of total daily calories. This intake change in children , in particular in baby under 3 years , for whose change remarkably fat intake.


Fats promote Vitamin A,D,E,K absorption. This vitamins are solubil in fats, therefor a big decrease in lipidics absumption might causes a lack of them.

Some sexual Hormones borns from Cholesterol. For exemple in woman,low level of fats is linked to variation in mestrual period: this happens because in this particular state, body , lacking in enercgetic source, sacrifices a " not- vital" function such as reproduction

Fior di Maso-Latterie Venete 1887, promote healty and equilibrate diet, but also new products, such as Monte Grappa fresco with L. acidophilus and L: paracasei, that improves intestinal digestybility.


September 2012:

" MONTE GRAPPA FRESH, MORE HEALTY MORE GOOD- WITH LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS AND PARACASEI, THAT PASS INTACT TROW GASTRO INTESTINAL TACK. Fiordimaso- Latterie Venete 1887, after an hole year of study, produces s fresh cheese, less ripened, makes rich with Probiotics: " Monte grappa Fresch, more healty, more good".

Compared to fermented milks, cheeses have a higher pH, solid consistency, generally a higher content in fats, factors that can ensure greater protection to the probiotic microorganisms during storage of the product and during the passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Probiotic microorganisms must be present on high levels until the expirit date.
  • Probiotic microorganisms should not interfere neither with the cheese making process or alter the organoleptic quality of the products.
Both of this results are achived by Monte Grappa.

Here are the results certified by Veneto Agriculture showing that even after 50 days of curing there is a high presence of micororganisms

July 2012:

Placed on the market small portions of cheese
In 2012 FiorDiMaso -Latterie Venete1887 introduced in the market a new line of Fiordimaso Italian PDO cheeses portioned in 150 g, whose proposal was designed to meet the consumer who intends to "eat little and well" and that prefer to put in their own small fridge portions of extraordinary cheeses from Italian places.

enviromental and social wellbeing

The beautiful area surrounding FiorDiMaso-Latterie Venete 1887is always been a source of inspiration and naturalistic culture for the company and its organization. The mountain and its landscapes, the green plain and its nature are the context in which FiorDiMaso Latterie Venete 1887 has always worked and represent the framework for future choices.


June 2012:

in the first six months of 2012, Fiordimaso-Latterie Venete 1887 reduces paper consumption of 40 %.
This was possible thak to operator's attention in using paper in office and manufacturing departements.

500 papers package
Recycles paper Paper Saving
Water consume (liters) 51,2 130,6 79,4
Energy (kWh) 10,5 26,8 16,3
Wood (Kg) 0 7,5 7,5