TERRITORY Fiordimaso for enviroment

The beautiful area surrounding FiorDiMaso-Latterie Venete 1887is always been a source of inspiration and naturalistic culture for the company and its organization. The mountain and its landscapes, the green plain and its nature are the context in which FiorDiMaso Latterie Venete 1887 has always worked and represent the framework for future choices.

From 1887 by now the company has experienced moments when the food was rare and precious in times like the present where the food is in excess and you tend to waste it.

FiorDiMaso-Latterie Venete 1887 believes that they are not harming their own interests, rather to protect them and to create a competitive advantage by informing its customers that it is good to consume little better.

If you think what's in our refrigerators will not be hard to find pieces of unused and mouldy cheese, or big portions bought at the store already packed.

Recent reports suggest that about 40% of the waste that we find in dumpsters consists of packaging, 10% of disposable products and 50% is composed almost exclusively of organic material, such as kitchen scraps.

Every day in Italy are thrown in the trash about 4,000 tons of edible food.

FiorDiMaso-Latterie Venete 1887 is aware of being part of this society and to be an actor, so he wants to make its own small contribution to try to improve this situation.

To Dialogue and to inform their customers, offering smaller portions, look for packaging that will safeguard the environment, produce a lower environmental impact are just some of the tricks and projects that FiorDiMaso-Dairies Venetian adopted in 1887 and intends to adopt.

In thinking about a new product FiorDiMaso Latterie Venete 1887 also includes the environment and its society: not only "designing the product" but "designing the product thinking man and the environment"

Azioni Concrete:

June 2012:

in the first six months of 2012, Fiordimaso-Latterie Venete 1887 reduces paper consumption of 40 %.
This was possible thak to operator's attention in using paper in office and manufacturing departements.

500 papers package
Recycles paper Paper Saving
Water consume (liters) 51,2 130,6 79,4
Energy (kWh) 10,5 26,8 16,3
Wood (Kg) 0 7,5 7,5