The company Ca. Form was born from the passion for dairy products that has been handed down in the Chiomento family for generations. The headquarters of the company is located at the foot of the Asiago Plateau, a land that has always been devoted to breeding and cheese production.

It was July 1887 when they began the construction of the Dairy company, which will be inaugurated in January 1888. For the processing of milk were adopted machines of the latest invention, from which were obtained products such as butter, fatty cheese, semi-fat, low-fat (sweet or salty), morlacco and ricotta. Since then, our Dairy company has continued to process milk with love and passion, obtaining new products and ever better quality results, also thanks to the continuous renewal of the plants.

In 2012, following the construction of a brand new dairy company and the meeting with Adriano Chiomento, the company became Latterie Venete 1887 Spa, but its values are always the same: the love for milk and the desire to create good cheeses to share with its territory, with Italy and with the world.

In 2013 CaForm Japan (www.caform.jp) and in 2014 Ca.Form USA (usa.fiordimaso.it ) are founded to distribute their products in the Japanese and American markets.

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The Ca.Form group with about 260,000 wheels of Asiago DOP cheese and 120,000 wheels of Montasio DOP cheese produced every year, is the private company leader in Italy in the production and distribution of these two prestigious cheeses.

Thanks to the quality of production, the company is among the most established also at international level, and has contributed to make Asiago DOP the 4th best selling Italian cheese in the world and Montasio DOP the 6th. The unique, characteristic and distinctive taste of Asiago DOP and Montasio DOP FiorDiMaso is the result of over 138 years of production experience, the careful selection of raw materials, continuous investments in technology and innovation, and constant research on the product.

The control of the entire production chain, the controls of the Protection Consortium of Asiago PDO and Montasio PDO and the Quality certifications (ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, BIO) guarantee the freshness and safety of the products. The wide and articulated range of seasoning and packaging, from single portions to multipacks, meet the needs of operators in the sector.

The results of the comparative tests requested by Customers have always placed FiorDiMaso products in first place in terms of satisfaction and willingness to buy back.

For these reasons Ca.Form is also the ideal partner for the Private Labels of the Large Distribution and Industry, both in Italy and abroad, and the increase in the number of Brands that rely on the company for the development of their private brands is the confirmation of this.

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THIENE Ca.Form Srl
Headquarters. Cheese maturing.Cheese and cold cuts packaging.Distribution logistics platform.

dueville Ca.Form srl – Dueville
Cheese packing center.

VEDELAGO Latterie Venete Spa
Production, maturation and packaging of cheeses and ricotta. Production of organic cheese.

ASIAGO Salumificio di Asiago Srl
Production, maturation and packaging of Speck di Asiago.

caform japan Ca.Form Japan LTD (Tokyo)
Import and distribution in the Japanese market.
> www.caform.jp
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caform usa Ca.Form USA Corp (New Jersey)
Import and distribution in the US market.
> usa.fiordimaso.it

Shop Tokyo Fiordimaso shop Tokyo (Tokyo)
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Export high quality Japanese products to the European market.
> www.jifarm.jp
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Happy Cows. Happy Cheese. Happy Life


When the cows are happy, even the cheese tastes better. Come to Mt.Asiago, in the Sky House Fiordimaso to taste our products.

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24,000 square meters covered

7 società

turnover 70million euro

105 collaborators

3,000spm photovoltaic panels

700 deliveries per week


1,000 Asiago DOP (fresh and aged)

300 Montasio DOP

300 other cheeses

170,000 litres processed milk for cheese

10,000 litres processed milk for BIO yogurt

6,500 Kg of ricotta cheese

64,000 BIO yogurt jars


70,000 Asiago DOP (fresh and aged)

50,000 other cheeses

30,000 Montasio DOP

1,500 items in assortment

35,000 Grana Padano DOP Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

EXPORT in 54 countries

Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel,Japan,Korea, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco,Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia,Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, USA, Vietnam, ...